1. What is Dragoon for?
When people construct a model of a system, they understand the system better. A Dragoon model is like a collection of mathematical equations, except that Dragoon hides most of the math, so a model looks like a diagram (a concept map, if you know what that is). Dragoon lets you learn (a) how to construct your own models, and/or (b) about a specific system by exploring models of that system created by others.

2. Why should I learn how to construct models?
Learning how to construct mathematical models is a fundamental skill that engineers, scientists and professionals of all kinds need to know. In the USA standards for high school mathematics and science, model construction is one of only 8 fundamental skills that students need to learn. Now that computers can do the number crunching and symbol manipulation involved in “running” models, model construction is becoming the central focus of many courses.

3. Why should I learn about a system by exploring its model?
Because a Dragoon model is a diagram, it abstracts away from the details, allowing you to see the essential relationships among the components of a system. You can trace the causal pathways in a model more easily than in the system itself. You can “play” with a model, modifying it so see “what would happen if…”

4. Who is Dragoon for?
Dragoon is intended for anyone older than 12 years. Dragoon is not intended for professional, expert modelers. It is intended for students and teachers. Students might be in a class whose teacher has adopted Dragoon, or they might be working by themselves on their own goals. To find out more, click on either Intro for students or Intro for teachers above.

5.Hardware and software requirements?
Dragoon is a JavaScript app that runs in most common browsers on most common operating systems. There is no need to download or install anything. However, Dragoon does need an internet connection.

6. Is there support?
Yes. Dragoon has a small support staff that will answer your questions and help you use Dragoon. Contact dragoonsupport@asu.edu. See their pictures here.

7. How much does Dragoon cost?
Dragoon is free. To see its current and past sources of funding, click here.

8. Why is it called Dragoon?
The software is named after the Dragoon mountain range.
Dragoon mountain range

9. Are there any publications?
Yes, please click here